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Calphalon Intellicrisp Waffle Maker

The Calphalon Intellicrisp waffle maker is top-of-the-line for admirers searching for a straightforward and delicious surrogate to make waffles, this model comes with an easy-to-use waffle maker that makes it effortless to get perfect-sized waffles every time. Plus, it's available in two different dark stainless steel colors which can really make the space in your kitchen stand out.

Calphalon Intellicrisp Waffle Maker Amazon

The Calphalon Intellicrisp waffle maker is top-rated for shoppers who desire a sophisticated waffle maker that can handle the duty of creating an outstanding waffle, this model is manufactured in dark stainless steel with a slim, finish that is first-class for any kitchen décor. The waffle maker also features our signature easy-to-useguide system that makes it effortless to create waffles with ease, this maker comes with an internal temperature control, so you can create waffles with style while they cook. Additionally, the Intellicrisp waffle maker presents stabile temperature control that keeps waffles from becoming dry or overcooked, this is a sensational little waffle maker that comes with an intense heat-up process that lets you know that you're ready to cook a waffle - with or without the help of a stovetop waffle maker. The is larger than the others so you can do more waffles with it, the waffles are not as straight lines on Calphalon Intellicrisp waffle maker is and they get a little (across the top of the waffle maker near the pitcher) and a little more golden brown. Lastly, the waffles are supposed to come out of the waffle maker slightly firm, which they do, making them good for sticking to a toothpick, this waffle maker is top-of-the-line for enthusiasts who crave a top-grade waffle. The dark stainless steel finish is first-class for making best-in-class waffles, the Intellicrisp waffle maker also offers a quick start guide, so you can get up and running with waffles in no time.